Mixed Media Films for Assessment

Films linked to work for submission for re-assessment.


Film for Multi Part images, Assignment 3 ‘Beach Film’:

Films for Fractured Image:



Film for Combines re-worked:

Film of previous Diorama outcome:


Film for re-worked Diorama outcome ‘Unspoken Change’:



Films for non-art spaces, painting produced from these films has been submitted within photographs ‘Tree Shadows’ :

Mixed Media Reports

MM Report 1

MM Report 2

MM report 3

MM Report 4

MM Report 5

Planning a method of working for Mixed Media Following my last courses with OCA I have changed the way that I work many times, to suit the course and following feedback from tutors. After receiving feedback from my first Assignment on Mixed Media I will outline my new way of working: Sketchbooks:

  • More than 1 sketchbook at a time – not be restricted by drying time
  • Use a variety of loose sheets alongside sketchbook – not restricted by size and paper
  • Write less in my sketchbook – use only for note making
  • Photograph sketchbook pieces for use on learning log
  • Any other work – use sheets of paper to enable separation from the coursework

Learning Log:

  • Write about the work of other artists
  • Critically analysis and evaluate my own work
  • Research is more efficient – No need to print and stick ideas into the sketchbooks
  • Exhibitions, thoughts, information on 20th Century artists relevant to the course
  • Identify Artists/Work that I am drawn to and feel could be influential in my own work

Notes following Report – Assignment 1: Writing can only be about the preparation for a piece or the evaluation of a piece, you cannot write whilst you are undertaking the art process. Therefore writing must be more relevant, discussing the before and after process of the piece. Less time writing and more time doing! Understanding 20th Century Artists: Following the advice of my tutor, I need to work only on the exercises given within the course guide, however only researching the artists listed within the research points is going to restrict my knowledge behind 20th century art. Changing my approach to this in order to gain a wider understanding fine art and read about particular artists in more depth, broadening my knowledge of fine art and a deeper understanding of certain artists rather than scratching the surface. As well as researching the influences and motivators of the artists and how styles came about and linked to one another, I need to develop an understanding of the work that I enjoy that influences me and my work. Not to stick with researching relevant artists to the exercise if they do not excite or interest me. Not being able to complete Assignment 1 to a satisfactory level, with clear feedback has supported me to drive forward and change my way of thinking for the remainder of the course. I feel that I was unclear on what I should be achieving and how to do this, now I hope to move forward in the right way.

Improving my practise following Assignment 2:

  • Make sure there is varied work
  • Analyse the work I feel is not as successful and use this to develop
  • Explain why I do things: Why did I cut up this piece of work? Why did I position it in the way I did? Why does it have the form it does? And what led me to the compositional structure before I cut it up?
  • how does each point I raise work with your own aspirations?
  • Have I hit the mark?
  • What does it make you feel you need to do?
  • Have you done it?
  • Where is the evidence?
  • how important are the materials to you?
  • How important would it be for you to work with domestic themes or themes of memory or mementos?

Improving my practise following Assignment 3:

  • Is there a theme a subject that I wish to convey in the work?
  • Is the artwork a record of a process rather than a work about something?
  • work in a more considered and designed manner
  • make my “shapes” more varied

Improving my practise following Assignment 4:

  • Work on presentation of work for assessment (take into account the ‘look’ and ‘feel’)
  • Work on less in more depth
  • Break away from preliminary study materials and explore others which may be more appropriate
  • Sketchbooks – concentrate on less is more
  • Blog requires an index – ACTION: Blog has been edited to make navigation easier
  • As well as being descriptive in a proposal talk about the intention of the work – is it about more than the materials or is it about the materials?
  • Are the materials the most emphatic they can be?
  • Break away from preliminary ideas – pushing the work further



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