I’ve finally opened the door to the world of blogging, a new way of sharing and researching replacing the old tired paperbacks.

Since summer 2010 and I’ve been studying with the Open College of the Arts, working my way through a variety of courses. This blog begins with my Level 2 painting course ‘Exploring Concepts’, following this is my current course Level 2 ‘Mixed Media’. Both are accessible on the ‘Home’ page and linked under the relevant Assignments on the right hand side of my blog, I hope it is fairly easy to use, certainly using it every day – I think so!

Following my school education I completed a BTEC Diploma in Fine Art and Design, then moving on to study Graphic design for 1 year, this was not the right course for me and felt it suppressed my expressive ways. Taking a break from education to find my personal pathway took a good 6 years, still dabbling in painting at times.

Finding the OCA to support me in studying at home and maintain my full time work at the same time has been perfect, picking each module of study to suit. My passion for art has grown once again becoming a big part of my life and purpose.

Artist Statement:

My approach to painting is to express emotions, feelings, energy through the intensity of colour to convey strength and link themes and things that inhabit my paintings. I draw on many sources, contemporary life, emotional and social relationships including changes and role. My work is created through manipulating materials, dynamic, embellished mark making as layers form the variety of textures underpinning the composition of the paintings, intuitive, sensual and undefined by language.


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