Preparing work for Formal Assessment

Formal Assessment Submission:

Firstly blog will be submitted as a large part of my work, containing all reports, research, photographs and videos of work completed throughout Mixed Media Level 2.

Parcel 1 will contain all final/large pieces of work, preliminary work, Tutor Reports and a Critical Review.

Parcel 2 will contain all sketchbooks for the course. Assessment submission below.

Sketchbooks for all assignments (Parcel 2):


Preliminary Work (Parcel 1):


A3 folder containing the following pieces of work:

Assignment 2: Found Image and Text:

Assignment 2: Using Found Words and Images:


Assignment 2: Word Painting: Exercises in materiality:

Assignment 2: Telling Your Story:

Assignment 4: Exercise Weaving:


Tutor reports 1-5:


Critical Review: Abstract Expressionism:


Final or large pieces of work for submission (total of 8, 3 submitted online):


Assignment 2: Final Painting – Telling Your Story, Autobiographical Book



Assignment 2: Exercise in materiality for Word Painting



Assignment 2: Final Painting – Word Painting



Assignment 4: Final Painting – Object Painting



Assignment 4: Final Painting – Fractured Image


Assignment 5: Large Piece: Diorama ‘Unspoken Journey’ Submitted via blog only

Video of ‘Unspoken Journey’.

Assignment 5: Larger Piece: Objects and Combines ‘Nature Combined’ (Submitted via blog only)

Video of ‘Nature Combined’


Assignment 5: Final Project – Life’s Tug-of-war (submitted via blog only)

Assignment 5: Final Project – Life’s Tug-of-war (submitted via blog only)

Video of ‘Life’s Tug-of-war’.

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