Rauschenberg – Transfer Techniques

During this assignment there have been a number of exercises which have asked me to work with Found Images, I feel most inspired when working with colour, texture and line, using found images, especially those in black and white has created  feeling of dissatisfaction. Finding, cutting and gluing images or photographs on the page has felt sudden, created hard edges and stutters my working.

I want to look at others I can try and make this method work for me. Earlier in this assignment I researched the work of Rauschenberg, he created a number of interesting pieces created from a range of images taken from everyday life where he was working in that area between life and art. Rauschenberg’s images have an element of transparency about them, colour with over painting/drawing, a much more dynamic and interesting approach.

Rauschenberg developed a process known as the transfer process using photos from mass media. Images from newspapers and magazines were soaked and then pressed face down onto the paper surface, he would then rub back and forth across the back of the images with a dry nib. This process gave the images the ghostly, forgotten memory look. Rauschenberg often then enhanced with white gouache, ink washes or watercolour.

After some research into this technique and how it is used by the contemporary artists I took a collect of found images from papers, magazines and newspapers, using gesso to coat the paper, I pressed the wet image face down into the gesso and left to dry.

Pealing the paper, scraping and pressing I removed the original paper of the image revealing a cloudy image, I continued to spray with water and peal again until happy with the transfer.

The hard edges of the images could be eliminated using pealing, however to soften the images into the page I used paint, to achieve a kind of bleeding of the edges of the image into the page, giving continuity where possible.

Short video of my process for transferring found images onto paper:

IMG_3875Rauschenberg often enhanced his images with white gouache, ink washes or watercolour, I used tea, watercolour, acrylic, chalk and charcoal, pushing the images to emerge:

IMG_3887-0 IMG_3885

Bringing the images together, enhancing the colours and creating an atmosphere, in particular the top piece works well. Charcoal and chalk pushes and pulls the images easily.

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